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St John'sWelcome to our school's website.

St John’s Primary School is situated at the heart of the community and as a Catholic school we are integral to the parish community.

We continually endeavour to forge good relationships between teachers and pupils and also to enjoy the close co-operation and goodwill of parents. This results in the caring and friendly atmosphere that is found in the school.

DancingWe wish to enable the children of St John’s to do the best that they can and to achieve success using their individual gifts and talents. St John’s is a place where children can grow and develop in an atmosphere of encouragement and praise.


As a Catholic Christian school we wish to enhance and enrich your child’s awareness of his immediate environment of the local and parish community to lead to a greater understanding and appreciation of other cultures and communities.

AssemblyParents are the first educators of their child and as such must play an essential part in their child’s schooling. In St. John’s we will encourage the partnership between home, school and the community/church, putting the child at the centre of our focus to enable them to grow and develop into happy, positive and fulfilled individuals.

The success of the school year will depend upon the closest links between the home, school and parish. I am confident you will give your whole-hearted support.


Where achievement is valued and every pupil has the opportunity to attain excellence

Please do not hesitate to contact the school if you have any concerns, or wish to discuss any matter.

Mark Coyle

Head Teacher

St John’s Primary School                                                       
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