School Dinner

This is the latest school dinner menu.

Cost of a meal will be £1.80 for pupils and £2.40 for adults. This will comprise of a hot meal with soup or dessert and a drink OR a mix and match item with soup or dessert and a drink.

• Vegetables and Salad will be served daily. Fresh Fruit will be offered as an alternative to Vegetables and Salad and as a Dessert option.

• Baked Potatoes will be served daily with a choice of fillings and salad.

• Sandwiches, wraps, panini's and pasta pots will be served with a choice of fillings and salad.

• Milk, water and fruit juice will be served daily.

• Free bread will be served daily.

• Vegetarian options will be available on request; however notice must be given first thing in the morning and may be limited to choice.

• In line with government guidelines, oily fish must be included in the menu therefore the menu will include an oily fish dish one day a week.

• Mix and match items may vary from day to day, depending on the school.

• * please note that where a choice is specified, only one item will be available on the day and this is at the manager’s discretion.

• Manages special - catering manager can choose between sweet chilli chicken, cajan chicken, pasta bake or chicken in gravy.

• ** please note that savoury rice is available on request for a vegetarian option on

Theme days will be carried out throughout the year.

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